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Cost-saving benefits & features

The benefits are grouped below according to Gas, Heat Pump and Solar categories

Cost Saving & Features uses gas water geysers

o Unlimited supply of hot water as long as you have gas
o Low maintenance costs
o Low capital outlay
o Low cost of heating water
o Control on how hot you wish the water to be
o No hot water is stored as the supply is straight from your main water supply
o Can be retrofitted to current hot water systems
o Capital expense can pay itself after 6 to 8 months
o Indoor or outdoor water heaters do not take up much space
o Heat on demand
o No thermal heat loss
o LPGSASA Certified
o 80% efficiency rate and 82% recovery rate

Cost Saving & Features when using Heat Pumps

o Quiet operation with no solar collectors on the roof
o ITS Heat pumps are design for low operating noise and can be installed anywhere around the house
o Due to their amazing efficiency, ITS heat pumps will save you a lot of money each year
o Solar water heaters and ITS heat pumps can be used in conjunction with one another creating a hybrid system
o ITS heat pumps use the natural energy in the ambient air and therefore seriously reduce the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the use of electricity
o ITS heat pumps have been designed by a team of highly qualified engineers and boast many safety features ensuring reliable operation for many years
o ITS heat pumps can operate in sub-zero temperatures and can defrost themselves automatically
o Save 75% on electricity as opposed to electric geysers
o Uses the latest compressor technology with the industries first heat pump specific compressor.
o Produces 85°C water where other heat pumps produce 65°C water at the same gas pressure.
o Engineered for comfort and class leading efficiency that will save you thousands each year.
o Maximum hot water delivery via the ITS patented integration technique.
o Unequalled life expectancy.
o Quiet and unobtrusive

Cost Saving & Features when using Solar Collectors

o Solar heating systems are cost saving, reliable, adaptable, and pollution-free because they use renewable energy from the sun
o Modern solar heating systems can keep swimming pools warm, heat your home’s water and heat your home’s interior space
o Solar systems include sleek, attractive, low-relief collectors that blends in with the look of the modern house
o Modern solar heating systems work well even in winter
o It can cover a high percentage of your monthly heating bill, ensure hot water during power failures and increase your property value
o It helps to reduce harmful emissions from fossil fuels


Health & Carbon Footprint Benefits

Gas Water Geysers

A tankless gas water geyser will supply you with cleaner water than an ordinary electric geyser. Electric geyser tanks can become rusty and worn down with unwanted hard mineral deposits as the water is stored in the geyser and is re-heated constantly to stay above 50 degree Celsius. If the heat level drops below 50 degree Celsius, a possible algae build-up can occur. The older your tank is the worse condition it will be in and hard water scale forms most readily in periods of extended heating.
This energy savings translates into cash savings, plus it reduces your carbon footprint. Your carbon footprint is calculated by dividing the amount of energy used by the number of people in your home.
Using a gas water geyser means you will contribute to a greener and healthier world.
A Gas water geyser is 40%-70% more energy efficient than a traditional electric water storage system. Overall water usage is very intermittent while a electric geyser continuously heats and re-heats the water. Gas water geysers only spend energy to heat water when it is needed. Rather than constantly spending energy to needless heat and reheat litres of water, energy is used more efficiently with the gas water geyser system. A gas water geyser does not store water in a tank, instead it is connected to your cold water supply and hot water is then supplied to your hot tap on demand.

Solar heating

On average for every 1kWh of energy produced by a coal power station, 0.966kg of carbon dioxide is produced. Now, a good quality solar system with 4m2 of solar collector area will on average generate 8kWh of thermal energy per day. Therefore, you will personally be responsible for saving our environment of another 2900 kg of carbon dioxide per year. Carbon dioxide traps heat in our atmosphere, contributing to the greenhouse effect, which alters our planet’s climate and ecological systems. Using solar energy in place of non-renewable fuels may also reduce nitrous oxides and sulphur dioxides, which are components of smog. Solar heating can be used to heat your household water, pool water or factory/shop water.

Heat Pumps

ITS heat pumps use the natural energy in the ambient air and therefore seriously reduce the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the use of electricity. Heat pumps also help to reduce harmful emissions from fossil fuels.
A domestic hot water heat pump is a very efficient water heating device. It uses a small amount of electricity to produce up to four times more heat energy. So by connecting an ITS heat pump to your existing hot water cylinder you can divide your hot water electrical consumption by up to four. Unlike a solar geyser, a .heat pump is not directly dependent on the sun and therefore it can operate day and night, winter and summer, ensuring the highest possible saving and piping hot water 24/7.

That is why we at Water Heating Solutions believe in our products and the health benefits gained from them by doing things the “Green” way.
Energy saving will always be a smart choice and you can do so by conserving the environment and your wallet.

Unlimited Hot Water

At Water Heating Solutions we always strive to take into account the reality of a family using one electric geyser. You will encounter times that the water supply has cooled down and someone has to have a cold shower.
When using a tankless gas water geyser, you will have no hassle of water storage and no shortage of hot water on demand for the entire family.
The luxury of a hot shower -for the whole family – without waiting all night long is a big benefit for most households. A gas water geyser supplies an endless amount of hot water with the same reliability as your cold water delivery.


We at Water Heating Solutions believe that you the consumer can always find ways to save money. You’ll be pleased to hear that in addition to operational costs, a tankless gas water geyser is also, generally speaking, longer lasting than its electric geyser counterpart.

A tankless gas water geyser has a lifespan of between 15 to 20 years. It is hassle free and will give you a good return on your investment.

Repaires and Upgrades

Trust us with your maintenance needs! Our technical team is well trained to find leaks or faults and repair it!  We can also upgrade your current water heating system with our quality products.


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