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We supply and install Gas Water Geysers, a variety of Solar Products, Heat Pumps and much more!.
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Water Heating Solutions supplies & installs these products

Water Heating Solutions supplies and installs products from reputable Gas Water Geyser, Hot Water Heat Pump, Swimming Pool Heat Pump, Solar Pool Heating and Solar Collector suppliers in South Africa. We also supply and install Gas Hobs and Gas Fireplaces.

ITS heat pumps and solar are professional manufacturers and international suppliers of Solar Thermal and Heat Pumps. Our aim is to provide you, our valued customer, with a complete solution for commercial and residential system consisting of the best in current solar and heat pump technologies.

Water Heating Solutions and ITS Heat Pumps & Solar

Delta Gas Geysers are manufactured to ensure absolute safety and top performance. Delta Gas has always been associated with good quality and unique products. Their current range is very exciting and unique.

Water Heating Solutions and Delta Gas

Safegas is the supplier of LP Gas Water Geysers which are mounted outdoors.

They pride themselves on quality that is best suited for the South African climate.

Water Heating Solutions and Safegas

If you have any problems or maintenance needs on your current water heating system, simply contact us at Water Heating Solutions. Our technical team is well trained to find leaks or faults and repair it on-site.  We can also upgrade your current water heating system with our quality products.

Water Heating Solutions

Various gas water geysers, Heat Pumps and Solar installations are recommended for certain uses

A Water Heating Solutions consultant will gladly visit your premises and advise you on which unit, make and size will be best suited for your home, business or factory. Please take note that all installations are done by qualified LP gas installers and ITS certified installers, and where applicable, COC’s (certificate of compliance) is also issued to you for the purpose of maintaining your house or business insurance.


Remember that you will save money on a month to month basis by converting to a Gas Water Geyser, Heat Pump, Solar Product, Gas Kitchen Hob or Gas Fireplace. We also supply and install Swimming Pool Heat Pumps and Swimming Pool Solar Systems, which will give you more time in your pool than on the paving.


Water Heating Solutions
Domestic Heat Pumps

A domestic hot water heat pump is a very efficient water heating device. It uses a small amount of electricity to produce up to four times more heat energy. So by connecting an ITS heat pump to your existing hot water cylinder you can divide your hot water electrical consumption by up to four. Unlike a solar geyser, a heat pump is not directly dependent on the sun and therefore it can operate day and night, winter and summers, ensuring the highest possible saving and piping hot water 24/7.

Water Heating Solutions
Industrial Heat Pumps

Industrial heating applications are endless. Anywhere where heat is being generated using either wood, coal, gas or electricity the installation of a heat pump will result in a drastic saving. On existing electrical boilers a heat pump will not only drastically reduce the power consumption but also drastically reduce the peak demand saving you even more and freeing up valuable power capacity.

Water Heating Solutions
Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

Heating systems for your pool / Jacuzzi’s

ITS pool heating heat pumps are designed to make you get them most enjoyment from your pool. With pool temperatures programmable up to 40 deg Celsius you can now swim all year round. No longer do you need to have your roof covered with solar panels or spend thousands of Rand on electricity. ITS heat pumps are compact and very quiet. It will provide you with many years of trouble free pool heating.

Water Heating Solutions
Solar Pool Heating

Another fantastic addition to our range of high performance products (in the pool heating division) are the HelioCol Solar pool heating panels from Israel. Installing these high quality panels will extend your swimming season and allow you to get the most from one of your biggest investments, your pool. The Heliocol pool heating panels are the product of choice when it comes to the Olympic Games and have been used on heating the pools at the last 3 events.

Water Heating Solutions
Solar Evacuated Heat Pipe

Evacuated Tube Heat Pipe solar collector technology is one of the cutting edge technologies when it comes to solar water heating panels. Combining the incredible insulating properties of a vacuum with the latest technology in selective absorptive coatings this product offers the highest thermal output even under the worst of weather condition. The round absorber area provides for passive solar tracking ensuring a very optimal and even thermal output from sunrise to sundown.

Water Heating Solutions
Flat Plate Solar Collector

Flat plate solar collector technology is one oldest and most widely used technologies in solar water heating panels. The simplicity of the technology makes it easy to manufacture offering absolutely great value for money.


Delta gas geysers come in various sizes. Please look at the sizes below with recommendations.

Water Heating Solutions
Water Heating Solutions
Water Heating Solutions

As the demand for gas and gas related products increases annually in South Africa,
Delta Gas was created to supply top quality but yet affordable gas appliances and fittings for most gas requirements.
Delta Gas Geysers are manufactured to ensure absolute safety and top performance.

Advantages of a gas geyser

  • Replace your electric Geyser with a Delta LPG Water Geyser & Save on Energy costs.
  • These units are Energy efficient
  • Water is only heated when required.
  • Reduces your Carbon Footprint.
  • Gas water geysers have a long Lifespan with no risk of a burst Geyser.
  • No Pilot Flame burns all day long-Instant Pulse Ignition.
  • We regard Gas water geysers as the future of Domestic Hot Water.
  • Affordable Capital layout.
  • Optimum performance depends on length of water flow.
  • Full South African Warrantee
  • SABS & SANS10087-1-2008 compliant
  • LPGSASA Certified

Sizing Recommendations

• 5.5 Lt/min: Portable Gas Geyser for Basin/Camping
• 8 Lt/min: Normal Kitchen
• 10 Lt/min: Laundry, Small Bathroom
• 12 Lt/min: Bathroom with Shower
• 16 Lt/min: Full Bathroom/Household
• 20 Lt/min: Household with two full bathrooms
• 20/28 Lt/min Fan Forced: Full household with indoor keypad
• 9/12/14/18 Lt/min Delta Zero Start: From Normal Kitchen to Full Bathroom/Household


Gas water geysers have evolved over the years into safer, more efficient units. By doing away with pilot lights which would burn all day long wasting gas, modern day gas water geysers feature electronic ignition and consume gas only when your hot water tap is opened. A gas-on-demand solenoid valve releases gas to the burner only with the presence of water passing through, thus making them far safer.

Adding to the safety features is a hot-water sensor and flame failure sensors, which monitor the functioning of the geyser and intervene if any of the required tolerances are breached.

Safegas gas water geysers are available in 6 litre, 11 litre, and 16 litre per minute water flow rates. For the correct size to suit your application, feel free to contact us at Water Heating Solutions and we will assist you.

Some features include

Instant hot water 0
Battery ignition 0
Multiple safety on devices 0

Our Compliancy

At Water Heating Solutions we have registered installers to install, repair and service your gas appliances, including your gas geyser, gas fireplace, gas cooker or hob. On completion of our work, we will provide you with a Certificate of Compliance (CoC) ensuring the job has been done according to the minimum safety requirements, SABS technical specifications and SANS 10087-1 requirements. A gas CoC will be required when you sell your house, business or factory and furthermore for insurance purposes.